The scientists therefore call on the residents in the hall of the city, but also in other places in the country to participate in an Online survey, in the every day information, about your state of health should give. A website called “CovidSurv” is released Recently.

participants for the research searched for: “privacy assured”

According to Professor Rafael Mikolajczyk is to collect as many information as possible about the symptomatic course of respiratory infections. This way you could get insights in the course of the epidemic, said the Director of the Institute for Medical epidemiology, biometrics and Informatics at the University of Halle.

“The participants will have to register with your name and Email address, but this Information is kept from the disclosures separately and all processing is carried out anonymously,” says Mikolajczyk. The privacy is guaranteed “absolutely”.

the project is initially designed to run for six months

participants in the study are intended to inform online every day, how are you. You have no symptoms, it is sufficient, the “no” button. The volunteers have, for example, fever, sore throat, or cough, they were at the house doctor, or have a Corona-a Test made to enter the on the website.

The project is initially designed to run for six months, the data material is to be used for scientific Work. The ethics Commission of the University have reviewed the study, and no concerns were registered Mikolajczyk.

the early warning system and a better picture of a “Corona-specific symptoms” get

the goal is a way to develop an early warning system, with the aid of the “regional activity of the respiratory infections” can be mapped. “We want to show in regular intervals, what is the impact of certain measures in the fight against Corona to the Infection,” says the Director of the Institute.

such An Index is important in the event that from 20. April actually changed some of the protection measures. In addition, you could get a better picture of a “Corona-specific symptoms” beyond other respiratory infections, particularly in mild course.

study by a team of Doctors is taking shape: survey of the anti-body-Status

“We need as many Volunteers as possible,” said the researchers. From 500 people from a certain Region, the answer to the question daily, had important statements about the frequency of respiratory diseases in this area. “And then to draw conclusions for the development of the Corona-infections in the respective regions are possible.”

Meanwhile, another study by a team of Doctors is taking shape, the mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) had presented a few days ago, initially in Parts. Aim of the collection of the antibody Status on the basis of a representative survey, which was also a Professor, and a Professor at the University hospital are involved, and which is headed by a senior physician at the diaconal hospital was. In the study to participate in according to Wiegand 2,500 inhabitants. Until Friday, have stated that around 400 students of Halle ready to participate in it.

“”The study of the Medical faculty: (mz)

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