In Moscow will be fined for traveling without a pass and attempts to cheat at checkout

In Moscow will be fined for traveling without a pass and attempts to draw him with violations of In Moscow will be fined for traveling without a pass and attempts to draw him with violations
AGN Moscow / Denis Voronin

the people who are required to be on home isolation and quarantine, faces a fine up to 40 thousand rubles for attempting to issue a digital pass for travel around the city, told the radio station “Echo of Moscow” head of the Moscow Department of information technology (DIT) Eduard Lysenko.

In isolation, in particular, should be patients with coronavirus, in which the disease occurs in mild form and who is allowed to be treated at home, as well as the contact person.

“If people who must sit at home now, will try to arrange it for you, it eventually falls under the inspection”, said Lysenko. A pass will be blocked and the violator fined in the amount from 1 thousand to 40 thousand rubles depending on the composition and repetition of violations.

the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, in turn, said that counterfeiting special permit for the movement in Moscow is a punishable offence under article “Forgery”. “There is still the second point is the provision of false information. These are two different things. For forgery more severe article of the criminal code,” – said the speaker of capital Parliament.

He noted that the provision of false information is easy to check upon presentation of a digital badge. This pass will be deemed invalid and the person will be asked to return to his place of stay or residence,” said Shaposhnikov in the air “First channel”.

After April 15, when the presence of a digital pass for travel in Moscow will become mandatory, any post of traffic police can stop and check out a pass and in his absence to issue a fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles, said the speaker. “A man will be asked to return to the residence, but if the person does not hear the Council and going on to the next post or the next sentry he will also be fined”, – he reported.

Shaposhnikov said that, most likely, the offender “more strongly asked to perform the corresponding order”, but can be applied and the article is about disobedience to a police officer. In the case of a serious conflict with the police the offender’s car sent to the impound lot.

IN DIT added that digital passes are issued for free, but marked by attempts to sell them. These cases are the police, can pursue a criminal case. “Please do not reply to any invitations or pay any more. All passes definitely only through our channels and all absolutely free,” – said Lysenko.

the System of issuing digital badges earned in Moscow today. A pass to get for travel on private (including bicycles and motorbikes), public and commercial transportation to work in medical facilities and for personal purposes (to the store, to the dacha, etc.) For getting around on foot a pass is not needed, while continue to apply the restrictions imposed in connection with the regime of isolation: you can go only to the nearest store or pharmacy, take out the trash, walk the dog, no further than 100 m from the house.

According to the city hall for Monday morning Muscovites managed to make about 800 thousand passes, the city hall servers had been hacked.