In Moscow the temperature record and three-time air pollution

In Moscow, beaten temperature record for 2007 to 28 March. At noon, the main Moscow station in Moscow recorded a temperature of 16.3 degrees above zero. In 2007 this day in the capital warmed up to 15.3 degrees.

this time the temperature in Moscow may rise to 17-18 degrees, so that the final value of a temperature record will be known by the end of the day, told “Interfax” the weather Bureau of Moscow. Daily temperature highs in Moscow since the beginning of March are updated for the fifth time. Earlier the previous record heat has been updated on 7, 8, 9 and 26 March.

overall, according to preliminary estimates of meteorologists, the temperature in Moscow in the current March 6-7 degrees above normal. However, on Monday, March 30, predicted cold, wet snow and gusty winds, sometimes there may be a snowstorm. Day temperature may be about plus 1 degree.

the background of the current warming in the established unfavorable conditions for dispersion of air pollutants. On the night of 28 March mosekomonitoring recorded level of air pollution in the capital is three times higher than normal, reports TASS. In particular, almost all monitoring stations in the capital, exceedance of the threshold for hydrogen sulfide.

In the next day adverse weather conditions for dispersion of harmful substances in the air remain. Night could increase the level of contamination, and in some areas is likely to create odors. In the second half of the day Sunday, March 29, is expected to improve conditions for dispersion and reducing concentrations of contaminants.

Vice-mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov said earlier that the ecologists suggest you to spend the weekend at home because of the anticyclone, can cause increasing levels of air pollution. First of all, this recommendation concerns people suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases.