In Moscow journalist covering the conflict for citizens and officials who made the Protocol on violation of a distance of 1.5 m

Roman Ivanov Roman Ivanov
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Police have made the first Russian Protocol violation a distance of 1.5 meters in contacts with other citizens. The responsibility drew near Moscow journalist and activist Roman Ivanov, who covered the conflict the residents of Korolev with local authorities. He arose from the felling of trees.

an administrative matter of the Novel Ivanov said the human rights organization “apology of protest.” According to her representative, lawyer Leonid Solovyov, the Novel Ivanov was composed of two protocols: according to article 6.3 of the administrative code (violation of sanitary rules) and article 19.3 of the administrative code (disobedience to lawful demands of police).

Leonid Solovyov explained that on April 5 the Queen was to meet with local residents and the leadership of the administration, but the event disrupted the arriving police. They also detained the romance that was there as a journalist and allegedly stood closer to the citizen than at a distance of 1.5 meters, says RBC.

there is No evidence of guilt of the Novel in fact no, the lawyer added. According to him, Ivanova could not be accused of violation of sanitary rules, since the relevant article 6.3 of the administrative code applies only to those who have private health officer order of isolation and at the same time broke the quarantine.

At the station the journalist spent about a day, after which he was taken to court. “From there he was released because the judge returned the materials in connection with the procedural errors,” said Leonid Soloviev.

on Friday, the journalist and his lawyer were again invited to come to the police for a redrafting of the protocols in which “nothing much POMhave analog”. “Wait, when they will appoint a court session”, – said Solovyov about the actions of the authorities.

Ivanov Himself links his detention and drawing up protocols with professional activities. “I did an editorial assignment. Residents talked on the phone with Khodyreva is the head of the city. He promised that he would come to meet with the residents because there is a very scandalous situation with cutting down of trees. And then purposefully I was taken [by police officers],” explained the journalist.

According to the reporter, in the case file subsequently was no Protocol of his detention. Ivanov said that does not agree with the protocols. In his opinion, it is difficult not only to calculate itself a violation of social distance, but also to determine who broke it. “Regarding the statement that the police gave the order to observe social distance, and I did not fulfill this order, this was not nothing,” he said.

the Journalist also added that it did not violate the sanitary regulations as are not included in the category of those who must be quarantined, and continued to work. “Besides, I was recording to the surgeon, I had to go for removal of stitches. I went outside not because he wanted to walk” – said Roman Ivanov.

Mode compulsory isolation in Moscow and the Moscow region authorities have extended until may 1. Following this, in the region made it obligatory social distance 1.5 m. Citizens who violate the restrictions face a fine in the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles, to officials – from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, and legal entities – up to 500 thousand rubles.

According to the latest official data, Russia’s per day revealed 1786 infected COVID-19. In total in the country since the epidemic began has registered 11 917 cases of the disease, and its victims were 94 people.