In Moscow has restricted the movement of citizens of coronavirus

the Ordinance provides for:

1. Starting tomorrow home mode isolation is introduced to all Moscow residents regardless of age.

to Leave the apartment is permitted only in cases of emergency (emergency) medical aid and other direct threats to life and health, to travel to work, if you have to go to work. In addition, shopping in the nearest running store or pharmacy, for walking Pets, but no more than 100 meters from the place of residence (stay), as well as to handle household waste.


In the coming days – following the technical and organizational measures, says the mayor, you can go with a special pass, issued in the procedure established by the government of Moscow.

Smart system, which the mayor promises to expand over the next week, will be able to track how respected home mode. “Slowly but steadily we will strengthen the necessary control of the situation,” writes the mayor.

as noted by the head of the city, home mode does not limit the rights of citizens to come to the city or to leave Moscow. It is only that you can not without a good reason to move around the city.