In Moscow has died the 39-year-old patient with coronavirus

Multidisciplinary medical center Multidisciplinary medical center “Novomoskovsky” in Kommunarka
Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow”

the Moscow headquarters combat coronavirus reported that in the capital died 39-year-old man infected with the virus. In the last three days he was on a ventilator.

“the patient showed tachycardia, multiple organ failure and other diseases”, – stated in the headquarters. The man became the first victim of coronavirus in Russia are younger than 40 years, reports “Interfax”.

As explained on his page in Facebook the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko, the deceased man suffered from obesity and hypertension. He “died from complications of coronavirus infection in acute respiratory distress syndrome.”

According to the operational headquarters on the morning of 2 April in Russia was found 3548 cases of infection with coronavirus, while 30 people died.

In Moscow revealed 2475 carriers of the coronavirus infection, and the number of deaths per day increased by three and reached 19.

April 2, the staff said that the number of Moscow residents younger than 45 years, the tests for the coronavirus which produce positive results, accounting for 46% of all infected. The next largest age group is patients from age 46 to 65 years, such cases counted 33%. Another 15% of patients with confirmed infection – people older than 65 years, RBC reports.

According to Johns Hopkins University at 22:00 on 2 April, the world was 047 998 thousand cases of infection corenvirocom. The number of deaths exceeded 51 million people. The greatest number of deaths registered in Italy – 13.9 thousand, in Spain – 10 thousand in France – 4.5 thousand.