In Chechnya imposed a badge for leaving the house, one for family. Sunday - total isolation

In Chechnya - 49 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection, including five patients died In Chechnya – 49 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection, including five patients died
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the Chechen Authorities announced the introduction of a permit system in the Republic since April 13. According to the statement of the speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov, permits are required for every exit from the house, including shopping, eating and going to the pharmacy.

“one family – one pass. It will indicate the time and days of the week for leaving the house in their district. While on Sunday, everyone, without exception, forbidden to leave his home or take any trips,” said Daudov. His words leads “Grozny-inform”.

Skip receives only one member of the family in which the relatives on the role of a “provider” of food and medicines. As said “Chechnya today” the municipal authorities, in the pass will indicate the time when this person will be able to go out for shopping. “The gaps have differentiation according to time spent outside the home, by splitting on hours and days of the week that is allowed to leave the house/apartment. These permits will be valid only within the locality in which it was issued,” added the officials.

For employees of organizations, continues to work in a regular mode, passes not required. They will continue their identity after aligning them with the operational headquarters.

In Chechnya 49 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection, of which five patients died. In Russia as a whole was 18 328 cases and 148 deaths.

Patients Covid-19 “equated to terrorists”

Coronavirus brought to Chechnya in mid-March, pilgrims from Saudi Arabia. After that, Ramzan Kadyrov, according to “Novaya Gazeta”, has publicly equated infected with the coronavirus to the terrorists and called upon to deal with them appropriate methods.

for Example, Magomed Daudov said on how questioned critically ill Abdulla Garayev, who was diagnosed Covid-19: “Abdulla Garayev not an ounce of conscience has not. I sent the doctors in anti-plague suits, so they handed him the phone. I asked him to tell me the names of people with whom contact was… Barely forced to admit that on 18 March to visit them came back from Hajj (Daudov called his name. – Approx. “Novaya Gazeta”) and then they got sick… nobody called!…”

Sitting quarantined and kept “in isolation” the people told reporters that categorically does not intend to take the initiative to inform the authorities about an elevated temperature, cough and other symptoms of the disease, because they are afraid of reprisals. It is easier to die from coronavirus than to get a “black mark” from the authorities.

the system of healthcare in the country is not ready for the epidemic. Realizing this, officials in several districts of Chechnya just closed on quarantine all hospitals (CDH, outpatient clinics and even Physicians – outpatient medical items which provide the population with emergency medical care). Only a few hospitals in Grozny redeveloped for the arrival of the infected.

against this background, Kadyrov once again criticized the “Novaya Gazeta” and accused it of creating fakes. “I and my Chechen people on the verge of major troubles related to the rapidly growing pandemic coronavirus, rightly want to know what happens in ourTran. How long will continue the provocative and explosive anti-Chechen baiting, blatantly and shamelessly organized by the newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”? – wrote the head of Chechnya in his telegram channel.

According to Kadyrov, the newspaper is “trying their false myths once again hang it on the Chechens shortcuts hardened criminals, medieval ignoramuses and Stranglers of freedom.”

Add first on electronic badges of the Russian regions began to talk of the power of Moscow, but before all her April 1 introduced the authorities of Tatarstan for movement without SMS there already amounted to more than 3300 protocols and instituted 11 criminal cases.

April 2 QR codes began to issue from the portal of public services of the Nizhny Novgorod region (promising rewards for compliance “with dobrolovsky”). In the Krasnodar region residents, as in China, were assigned a special color. From April 13 passes began to issue in Moscow and the Moscow region (for forgery in the city hall already priglasili criminal prosecution), and from April 14, the system of issuing paper passes will work in Sevastopol.