the head of the Republic stressed that the educational process should be organized with all health requirements and instructed the heads of municipalities to provide schools with necessary assistance.

Minister of education and science Anzaur Kerashev reported that the government of Russia has set the task on the first of September to begin school in full-time mode. In all the schools of the Republic completed current repairs and other preparatory work.

on the Day of knowledge in educational institutions will be the traditional rulers, their format will be agreed with Rospotrebnadzor. In schools planned input control children and teachers, people with symptoms will be sent to the doctor.

the Minister reminded that at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation since the beginning of the school year the students of Junior classes will receive a free hot meal. In the Republic of such children there were 25.4 thousand, they will be provided with food.

it Was noted that the government had approved the allocation of Adygea additional funds for activities for the organization of free hot meals students receiving elementary General education in state educational institutions of the RF subject (municipal educational institutions) in the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of education”. The decision was adopted on the proposal of the Commission of the Federal Assembly for the redistribution of budget allocations in the current fiscal year and the planning period of July 29, 2020, with the support of the Deputy of the state Duma from Adygeya Vladislav Reznik.

Federal funding in 2020 will be 105 million rubles, in 2021-m – 244,5 million roubles, in 2022 – 252 million rubles. Funds will be allocated in the form of intergovernmental transfers in order to co-Finance expenditure commitments of the Republic of Adygea arising in the implementation of government programs. Co-financing from the region will be one percent.

In all municipalities carried out work on modernization of school kitchens, developed a unified perspective menu for the schools of the Republic. The average cost of one serving will be 43 of the ruble. Funds will be allocated only for the purchase of food, costs for preparation of food and labor chefs will take over the municipalities.

“We must provide children with high-quality and nutritious meals that will meet all the standards of the CPS. Ask the heads of municipalities to do this work responsibly,” – said the head of Adygea.