Any smart business owner is always looking at ways to improve productivity and cut costs off the bottom line. Fortunately, there are ways to do this that make running a business easier and more efficient than ever before. From CPQ software to salesforce motivational tools and incentive programs, technology makes business productivity and quality controls easier than ever.

If you’re a business owner looking to help your sales team save time and money and increase workflow without sacrificing results, read on.

Time-Saving Tricks

Time is money. Whether you’re paying an employee to price shop or to research parts, one of the best ways to improve productivity is to pay attention to the clock. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to save time thanks to technology and best practice companies that make things user friendly.

Configure One is known worldwide as a leader in CPQ solutions that focus on the needs of manufacturers. If you’re looking for top-rated CPQ software to help make decisions about scaling your brand, overall productivity, or more, check them out. The way they work is to help you save time when pricing out parts, supplies, and more for customer needs. This ultimately can serve to drive down prices for both you and your customer alike.

Think about it from the customer’s perspective. Instead of waiting days or hours for answers about discounts or custom quotes, customer’s will have answers in a matter of minutes with this simple software solution. Salespeople will be more effective, too, with the time saved looking things up being poured instead back into the business process. From better customer service to quality customer reviews, this alone will help your business stay on top of cashflow.

Employee Incentives


The best companies with high performers are generally ones that are well organized and have found ways to streamline the workflow. For example, a salesforce will always be happier and spend less time frustrated with the right technology and tools. Giving them those and clear sales goals is an efficient way to retain employees and help them work to the best of their potential.

From friendly competitions and productivity reports to bonuses and financial incentives, sales and other employees are likely to stay more motivated in a company that gives them an incentive. Reviewing productivity data once a month or quarter and offering rewards to employees making or exceeding quota is another way to make your business more productive. Whether it’s a gift card to the employee who sold the most metal or disposable chopsticks to Japanese restaurants or a pay raise to the person who came up with the best solution for customer service, come up with an incentives program that will work for you and your staff.

Money Savers



The programs you’ll need to run your company most efficiently aren’t free. For this reason, you’ll also want to invest in software that helps you determine where to cut costs. Or, consider hiring an accountant or CFO whose job is to review data and recommend changes to your buying process and more. By saving money, you’ll free up funds for productivity tools and incentive programs, all setting you on track to a more efficient business and, ultimately, customer experience.

The best way to run a business is by paying close attention to the time spent and money out the door. By investing in technology like CPQ software, encouraging employees to work smarter, and doing your homework when it comes to cutting costs, you can improve your overall productivity without sacrificing product or customer experience. The key here is to work smarter, not harder, and make the most productivity tools as you move your business into the new year. Doing so will help you quickly achieve those goals.