A dramatic accident occurred on a cruise on the Icon of the Seas. A passenger died after falling off the ship. The rescue team could not do anything for him.

A tragic incident overshadowed the first voyage of the world’s largest cruise ship, the “Icon of the Seas”. According to reports in the “New York Post”, an unknown man died after jumping into the sea. The gigantic Royal Caribbean ship, which has space for more than 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew members, had just left the port of Florida for Honduras.

“The cruise ship deployed one of its lifeboats, found the man and brought him back on board,” the New York Post quoted the US Coast Guard as saying. Despite intensive efforts, the man’s life could not be saved and he was declared dead. During the rescue efforts, the crew of the Icon of the Seas assisted the Coast Guard, and the search and rescue mission lasted approximately two hours.

Royal Caribbean said they immediately informed the coast guard after the incident and initiated further rescue measures. A company care team is assisting the deceased’s relatives.

The “Icon of the Seas”, which only made its maiden voyage in January of this year, has 20 decks and is almost four city blocks in size. In addition to numerous entertainment options, the facilities also include the 40,000-gallon (about 150,000 liter) Royal Bay, the largest pool at sea.

Before the ship set sail, there was already criticism of the environmental impact of the Icon of the Seas. Hotel trips are said to be significantly less bad for the environment than cruise trips.

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