On three floors of 500 square feet of space are available, an adjacent garden belongs to the property. “Here is grief, children’s groups normally meet, in addition to the family exchange takes place here otherwise. We bought the house in 2015, 2017, the hospice was then, and palliative care act, as amended, with its own requirements for the care of children and young people. For a part of in-patient care will now have to be rest rooms available. That is why we are the remodeling and the building is empty. We provide the facilities like the DRK Fulda, in times of corona-crisis offer opportunities for families comfortable in quarantine to accommodate,” explains Simone Filip by the Board of Directors of the “Small heroes”.

The tour came next to Peter Becker, project Manager of

DRK Fulda helps HELP!

, also County emergency preparedness Manager, Christian, Erwin, and district Association doctor Jan Garlepp: “As part of stationary means the house meets higher Standards of hygiene than normal rooms – all surfaces are washable and can be disinfected, which is an advantage. In addition, enough space is available to multiple families in Isolation bring. The large garden also helps. While the district of Fulda is currently looking for great accommodation facilities such as gyms and Hotels for the case of an emergency and rehabilitation clinics are in the conversation, we look for smaller facilities, where in addition to diseased persons, for example, healthy children with carers can come, whose parents are in the hospital,” explains Garlepp.

The capacity of the house depends, according to Garlepp of the use: to Imagine several large families or a little less, individuals are. On 500 square meters, two kitchens, a bathroom for the disabled, a shower and a special “snoezel room” with music and light to relax in addition to beds and Lounges available. “We would, if necessary, enable the volunteers of our Association, to care for, of course, after a Corona-Test was carried out with them. We have a family companion, Grief counselor and trauma therapist for children, so it’s kind of like a small daycare, only for this special case. In the neighbouring building, where the administration and the grief workshop are housed, are also washing machine and dryer available,” says Filip.

The project

DRK Fulda helps HELP!

was established Recently with the support of


in life, in order to recruit Volunteers, especially due to the Corona-crisis the needy with food and medicines supply. Under www.drk-fulda-hilft-helfen.de both helper as well as help find the needy with a comprehensive offer, at the telephone number (0661) 90291 61 can be the helper and the needy report. (mau)

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