Employee relations refer to the quality of the relationship between employee and employer. Fostering good employee relations should be an extremely important concern of any business as it can boost morale and increase productivity and motivation. Ultimately, this is a key factor in determining a business’ success.

With the relaxation of coronavirus related restrictions, businesses will see the return of employees to the office, so maintaining positive relations is more important than ever. Here’s how you can create a happy working environment for your employees.

Have an open dialogue to learn what the team truly wants 

Communication in the workplace is extremely valued by employees, and will ultimately lead to an increase in trust, engagement, and productivity.

You may look to hold regular staff meetings where your employees have the chance to share feedback or air their concerns. You should actively take on staff feedback and implement any suggestions so they know they are truly being listened to.

If you have the budget, you may also incorporate a separate oversight team into your business so staff feel like their voice can properly be represented. By promoting open and honest discussion, you can resolve issues quickly and prevent employees from bottling up their feelings.

Offer flexibility 

Covid has created an entirely new working culture, and a lot of people may still be used to working from home at various different times – for some, this is preferred, however others may enjoy the structure of 9-5 office life.

Subsequently, hybrid working is on the rise. By adopting this model, you can hire the right people which is not based on if they live close to the office or what type of working style suits them. This will make your employees feel respected and valued, ultimately boosting their productivity.

By adapting to various wants and needs, you are creating a more inclusive workplace which

Foster social relations 

People want to enjoy their time at work and who they work with. Therefore, it is important to promote positive social relations in the work place.

You may look to put on social events every week such as Friday drinks, or perhaps a few non-alcohol related team building activities within the week.

Work life balance is also important, so look to incorporate policies such as paid leave. However, sympathy and compassion go the mile, and will encourage your staff to view the company in a positive light, knowing they are viewed as a person, rather than just a worker. 

Create growth opportunities 

Focusing on personal development and career growth is a particularly attractive aspect for employees. Staff are more likely to be productive if the incentive to progress in the company is there.

Employees are also likely to feel more supported in work if there is some form of mentorship in place. Catering to each and every individual by asking them how they see themselves in the company and what skills they wish to develop is an excellent way to improve the quality and output of the work employees produce.

Make your workers feel appreciated

Although all these tips are intended to create positivity in the workplace, there are times when you as an employee need to show out right appreciation for your employees.

You may offer a generous bonus scheme, have an employee of the month / week, or surprise your team with a chocolate hamper every now and then to say thank you. These small gestures are sure to put a smile on your staff’s face.

By following these simple tips, you can significantly improve your employee relations which will help boost your business’ productivity and success!

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