residential theft can be divided into two categories.

the First to act on a tip – plan in advance a rich apartment, to keep track of what time the owners are not home, preparing to fly. If the prey is very tempting, they will not stop any bolts. Second – random “guests” who can say, take what is bad. Them to defend themselves easier too fancy protection they won’t be.

“the Most simple ways to protect yourself from theft is to put double doors, Windows, balconies and loggias of the apartments on the first and second floors to install lattice. Make friends with your neighbors – ask them to remove the mail from the mailbox, to remove flyers taped to the apartment door. Leave neighbors your contacts to seeing strangers at your door, they can contact you,” says the CEO of the company “RSC-Vologda”, dealing with security systems, Eugene Isakovich.

the front door is better to install at least two locks with different mechanisms – to their showdown at the “burglar” has left as much as possible. Window glass can be strengthened with a protective film – it will not allow the robbers to enter the apartment, even if the glass is broken.

to Simulate the presence of residents will help left on the radio. You can buy a device that responds to a barking dog call, or write endlessly spinning record household sounds on some gadget. A signal that no one is home, – tightly closed all day and night curtains. But if in an apartment you can look from the street – are open to leave them too it is not necessary to stop to inspect the room to outsiders. Leave something – a small gap between the curtains.

“Stick on the window or door sticker-blende like “Object is under protection” I would not recommend it says Isakovich. – According to my observations, this is only drawing more attention to this apartment.” But to put a simple audible alarm you, loud noises frighten the thief who opened the door.

it is Advisable to install the camera on the entrance – if you divide the charge in all the apartments, it will cost pennies, and in an emergency will help to identify the thief. It is not necessary to equip a door intercom with the same for all code – soon the “right” button from the taps will buff right out. Agree with the neighbors that nobody was allowed to enter the entrance of the strangers, let him get a hold of them.

If you decide to permanently leave, leaving the apartment of valuable things (which is actually not very reasonable), equip a safety Deposit box. The heavier it is, the more immured in the walls – the better.

you Can make even two safes in the more prominent, with a simple code, put a small amount of money and jewelry. Maybe the robbers will not come to mind to look for the second “cache”.

Not ´┐Ż´┐Żabilite that their property can be insured against theft. Or until you return to leave valuables in the safe Deposit box. It may make sense to pay for services centralized protection – they can be connected even for a few months, not necessarily pay all the time.