Electrical devices should do their job for as long as possible – after all, they are usually expensive to buy. However, overuse can have serious consequences. For example, old refrigerators quickly become the cause of fire.

A house or apartment fire is a nightmare for every resident. What many people don’t realize is that every third fire in and on buildings is caused by electricity. At 33 percent, this is the most common cause of fire in Germany, followed by human error at 18 percent.

According to the Institute for Damage Prevention and Damage Research (IFS), cooling devices are at the top of the list of electrical causes of fire.

Old refrigerators should therefore be replaced in good time. Brand manufacturers usually assume that their devices will last ten to twenty years. If technical problems occur at the end of this period, the institute recommends replacing them instead of repairing them.

The disused refrigerator is then often used as a drinks cooler in the basement. However, this increases the likelihood of a fire-triggering defect, the experts warn.

That means: Even if it may initially seem more sustainable to continue using old electronics, you should be aware of the risk.

If the investment in a new refrigerator initially hurts your account, then you should also think about the savings that a more efficient device can offer. The technical advances that the devices have made in the last 10 years ensure lower power consumption – essential especially with rising prices per kilowatt hour.

Thus, the costs for a good refrigerator are often amortized over the following years. So don’t save at the wrong end and rather add a little more to the planned budget if you can get a more efficient device as a result.