Honeywell announced the release of the world's most powerful quantum computer by mid-year

In the mid-2020 Honeywell is going to present the most powerful in the history of quantum computer. Details of the device described in the scientific article available on the company website as a PDF file.

“Conduct.Science” talked in detail about what a quantum computer is different from the usual. Recall that the unit of storage of information in a classical computer is the bit that takes values 0 or 1. In a quantum computer the same role performs a quantum bit, or qubit. It can be in a superposition (“mixes”) of different States. In this way, qubits store more data and accelerate the computation.

the Power of a quantum computer quantum is measured by volume. This value depends on the number of qubits, their resistance to errors and other factors.

According to a statement from Honeywell, their offspring has a quantum capacity of 64. This is exactly twice the nearest competitor.

Such a result engineers have achieved using the new architecture. In particular, as the qubits used ions of ytterbium-171 (171Yb+). To take from them the excess energy applied to the ions of barium-138 (138Ba+).

it is Noted that on the creation of hardware and software for the new computer is more than a hundred professionals.

the basis of the new quantum computer is the innovative architecture.Photo Of Honeywell.

Engineers are not going to do on their own. So, venture Fund Honeywell Ventures has already invested in startups Cambridge Quantum Computing Computing and Zapata engaged in the development of programs for quantum computers.

moreover, the company Microsoft has launched in conjunction with Honeywell Azure project Quantum. It will work similarly to the Azure cloud platform, for ten years providing customers with resources for computing and data storage. Only this time the calculations are quantum.

Honeywell has partnered With financial giant JP Morgan Chase. The holding is interested by the prospects of quantum computers in the banking sector.

“There are [a] number of industries that will be profoundly affected by the development and ultimately the use of large-scale quantum computing,” — said Tony Uttley (Uttley Tony), President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions.

So, the unprecedented computational power of quantum computers will help materials scientists to create new materials, pharmacists — to develop new drugs, and transportation companies to optimize logistics.

By the way, earlier “Conduct.Science” ( wrote about how a quantum computer for the first time surpassed the classic.

Text: To.Science