Hockey Zadorov said about the broken system in the country and regretted the Russian elderly people

Nikita Zadorov Nikita Zadorov
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the 24-year-old defender of the club NHL “Colorado” Nikita Zadorov said that the Russian government did nothing for its sporting progress in childhood, but also noted that life in the United States more safe and secure.

Zadorov supported Panarin and compare Russia with North Korea

“I am a graduate of CSKA started in the “polar Bears”, then the coach took us at CSKA. We went to tournaments fees, all at the expense of our parents. Stick, form is also bought by the parents. I was raised by parents, that they have invested, not the government. I’m Russian and proud of it, why couldn’t I choose where I want to be?

I’d really like to live in Russia, but in our country the system is broken, there is no stability, my family safer in America. My kids safer walking to school, University, sports school – there is no corruption. Here to invest money, and your business will support, the money is not dependent on oil prices. Stability is the most important thing.

Patriotism is not only where they live, and what you do. If I say, Oh, so you want something has changed in the country. I feel sorry for people in Russia: see older here and see how they survive in Russia. Everything is relative. Want to demand it from our state”, – quotes the hockey player sport24, Recalling the stream in Instagram channel iconsuit.

In the current regular championship of NHL Nikita Zadorov spent 69 games in which he scored four goals and made four assists.