This is evident from the answer to a Written question by the left party, from the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” from the Monday quotes. Therefore, had to be in the year 2018 – more recent Figures there are still more than 50,000 sellers and the seller the claim, even though they were subject to social insurance contributions of employees. Almost 5,000 of them had a full time job.

200.000 full-time Employees must increase the

In the care of the elderly, more than 17,000 Employees increased, of which every tenth in full-time employment. More than 1600 Employees in the nursing or emergency services is not earned with your full-time job enough to have an apartment and a livelihood for their family to contest. Nationwide in 2018, around 200,000 full-time Employees were dependent on such help, with a third of these trainees.

the Last had already been shown in a study by the job portal “” how low wages are especially in the food sector – not only for the staff at the cash registers.

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earn “The Corona of crisis, without which jobs would not work in our country,” said Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch. “It is a shame that we send tens of thousands of these people back to their indispensable work for the Department of social services.” Content check (display)

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“Support of our country more appreciation have earned”

The Federal government should immediately lift the minimum wage and sector minimum wages, so Bartsch more. “The Support of our country deserve more appreciation, especially more money.”

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