finally, Any soccer ball on the screen, so asked him and Thierry Henry over the Instagrampagina of Nike watch to see how it’s any of our Red Devils. In his office was a former assistant to Roberto Martinez to strike up conversation with Axel Witsel and Romelu Lukaku. Their home the past in the national team, and the century Haaland.

It was a happy reunion between Romelu Lukaku and Thierry Henry. The Frenchman, who had shared for about two years of experience as a topspits, with the Red Devils as an assistant to Roberto Martinez. From August 2016 to October 2018 and beyond, he was sitting in the front row to take the team to the coach. For a period of time that Lukaku will not soon be forgotten.

Lukaku : “When you’re in the us, was working as an assistant, we had the best time ever. In the context of the level of education was so high. You could also include in order to get them to play with. In one day, Jordan ( Lukaku’s younger brother, ed.) me, after training with the national team when he was beziggezien: “ Rom I’ve got a crazy things are today with all of you. Everyone was on such a high level of…”

Henry : “We did indeed have a wonderful time with the national team. We have had a lot of laughs, but some serious work had to be, it was still being worked on.”

Lukaku : “do you Remember that first training session? We have had so many walk away. Everyone else was just a hard season and the intense physical activity, so it is difficult ( sigh ).”

Henry : “take heed, Antonio, Conte) ( Lukaku’s coach at Inter, ed. ) you can be part of it!”
Henry and Lukaku have known each other from the national team Photo: AP < / P> to Prick up one below the other:

the the Henry notes that in Lukaku in a pack more altruistic now. He has not scored more goals, Lukaku already has 17 goals this season in Serie A, but it gives even more to his teammates, according to Henry.

Henry : “That will assist with the outside of your foot against Slavia Prague and was world-class.”

Lukaku : “I am a bit older and have grown up in my game. I’m alive still, for, to score goals, which continues to be the most important. But it’s just not going to be me, and I’m learning every day about the game of football. The team can only do well when everybody feel important.”

Henry : “By Lautaro do you have a dream of a player next to you in rush hour traffic.”

Lukaku : “It all started on the first day, when I got to Inter before. I was speaking in Spanish, so we had to immediately click. I was able to explain to you how I hit the ball like you.”

Big Rom. , it was a very good time in Milan, italy. He stated that ” Inter are already a long time, one of his dream destinations as the football was on.

Lukaku : “I was a big fan of Ronaldo and Adriano, then you will be directed to the Inter forward. The football was completely different, now that the game is a pack of aanvallender. 15 goals per season is a lot more difficult. What He did was really incredible.”

Henry : George Weah, Romario, and Ronaldo changed the game for me. It was rush hour, which in itself is a goal, they were able to make it, from anywhere on the field. He previously had a number 9 on the static-player, which is supplied to the sixteen.”

To: Axel Witsel: “Haaland? Great player.”

finally, Henry turns a moment later to Axel Witsel. Lukaku is giving the message to his fellow Red Devil’s is a little tease: “ I’ve always been a faithful to autumn, . I don’t Club Brugge, Standard and Racing Genk. Ask Axel if he even remembers that I told him, having scored in 0-4 victory in 2010?”

Portugal: : “Well, we were known as a champion against Anderlecht, so it affects me not, ( laughs ).

Henry : “What is it like in Germany?”

Portugal: : My family does it here, so that makes me happy. My kids take up a lot of attention, though, today for example, I was in the painting. For the rest, it maintains my endurance up a little bit. Did you know that Thorgan Hazard would not be far from the living. He has a home in the area. I’m going to be happy if we could work out, because I’m going to miss football, as well as the Rom.

The scot was there in the winter, a new ploegmakker with it. Erling Haaland, came to strengthen the ranks for the Borussen.

Portugal: : “Haaland is a great player. He is still very young, but very talented. In The Kid and I will continue to train and improve their skills. If he has a weakness it has, he wants to work on it. In his first 4 games, scoring 10 goals, and if I’m not mistaken, some of the players out there, even for a season. You can have it with a long bal aanspelen, he can be a game of bijhoude, he can do the deep dive…”

Henry : “he’s no better than Romelu Lukaku, then?”

Portugal: . “They are not to be compared with. Let the love ( laughs )”

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