the love Is over, is the relationship with the Ex is not infrequently strained or bad. This is also true for celebrities do differently: Heidi Klum (46) reveals in the magazine “Red”, that the relationship with Ex-husband Seal (57) is rosy. With the singer and the supermodel was assigned to the custody of the common children Henry (14), Johan (13), Lou (10) and Leni (15), which comes from Klum’s relationship with Flavio Briatore (69), but Seal adopted her. The Model-mom was married to the singer from 2005 to 2014.

The relationship to your Ex, according to Klum not always the Best: “We are trying our Best. But there is always a reason why you are no longer with the others. It all totally is not good, it is sometimes very hard.” And further: “Sometimes it is so difficult, but then you have to come together as a family, and sometimes all in the clouds is to bounce to. It is just the way it is.”

your kids will have Tom Kaulitz accepted

Heidi drops by to look, that your children have accepted Tom Kaulitz (30) as the new husband at your side. No wonder: “He is a 30-year-old man with a life of her own style. He makes music, has Tattoos and a brother with neogrünen hair. The Kids find it cool!”

In an Interview with the magazine reveals Klum that she is today, happy with themselves and dealing with food is no more a pain. “I wouldn’t change anything to me, even if I could. I wear the Jeans I want, and live in a way that it is possible,” she says. Specifically, this means that for Klum, proper nutrition nowadays is not coercion: “I have a habit of me to say the right things to pick out. Then I don’t need to fight it.” (ds/bang)