Her husband really wants five children, but she is already overwhelmed with one. A young woman is faced with an almost insoluble problem.

How many children should there be? Many couples have a clear idea of ​​how many children they want. A young woman tells on Reddit how this question became a problem for her.

“My husband is a nice guy,” she begins. “When we met, he said he wanted five children, but at the time I thought he was joking.” He gave her five balloons for her birthday, which she thought was sweet.

“We got married a few years ago with a prenuptial agreement, which was also his idea. I was earning good money when we met, but he convinced me to change my career because he thought the new job would be better for us.”

She worked from home for two years, but then had to stop because of a health problem. “Now I stay at home and take care of our daughter (16 months).” Her husband is the only one who works and pays most of the bills, the woman said.

“I did 80 percent of the work with the baby. He didn’t have to get up once during the night. I was tired then, but I also thought I could do everything on my own, so I didn’t ask him for help. Now I regret not doing it.”

Even with just one child, the young woman was overwhelmed. “A few days ago he spoke again about the five children and I told him that I didn’t want five children. He said that by giving her the five balloons she had accepted that she wanted to have five children, “and he said I was a liar.”

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