you can buy all the chicken that you can find. And no, not the frozen meat, to be in Coronavirus-times with chicken supplies, but live baby chickens: In the US, the Run for the Chicks broke out. “Daily Mail” reported that farms can sell to weeks, no Chicks, and more – to big the demand is. The sales of the yellow Velcro balls has doubled.

While in Germany, so toilet paper is hoarded and in France, the wine runs out, embarrassed the Americans, in view of the Coronavirus and its implications on the own consumption to hoard Chicks. There are a number of more or less good reasons.

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Long queues in front of pet stores

the price of eggs rises in times of Coronavirus. 54 cents more expensive of the dozen is, in part, already. A private egg producer for the home seems to Americans so obviously reasonable. In addition, a small yellow Velcro ball helps, of course, to endure the boredom of quarantine.

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the buyers are not very picky. In the shops to be arranged in case of doubt also with the “ugly chick”. In the ideal case, will, of course, purchased several animals – finally, the Americans aims to breed his own herd. How well this might succeed in the 20-square-meter apartment in Manhattan, is an open question.

in the long queues in front of the pet shops in the “Chick Delivery Days” surprised no one more up on the Parking rows ranged sometimes.

Anywhere chickens are suddenly bred

The Texas-based musician Amy Anelle is an example of the sudden the number of shooting Empire from the ground chicken breeders. Together with her husband, she has acquired four hens and a rooster – and, of course, a lot of Chicks, “before the people get panic and all you want to have”.

The new Hobby was a “great project to occupy us now,” the singer explained. To the cute Little place in fact, eggs, it will take months, but what the heck. Anelle to find it already great, the Chicks “grow”.

Also a hairdresser, Dominique Greenwell has covers with Chicks in. Your Load is, the world could not control, she says, but “the love of the animals”.

And then the many parents who desperately try, with the yellow Velcro balls their offspring in times of school closures to keep happy: chick-breeding in the front yard as a distraction, there are still.

The perfect Soundtrack, it is as a catchy tune, by the way, free: Old McDonald had a farm, and on his farm he had some chicks, a chick-chick here and a chick chick there…

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