The employers ‘ Association Nordmetall and the IG Metall coast have agreed on the introduction of working time accounts for employees of the Northern German metal and electrical industry. With the collective bargaining agreement the social partners to establish another Instrument, the effects of the Corona-the crisis for Workers and businesses to mitigate, said in a joint statement. In your collective bargaining agreement they already had measures, such as a hardship Fund for the payment of short-time work money and to Bridge care shortages due to the closure of day nurseries and schools is agreed.

The collective bargaining agreement stipulates that the works Council and the management Board voluntarily to 31. March 2022-a crisis of working hours can introduce account for each employee of a company. The account may contain a maximum of 200 Plus 150 minus hours and must end on Zero.

“to put The parties to a collective Hand-in-Hand, in order to cope with the Corona-crisis and its consequences,” said Lena Ströbele, a negotiator of the North-metal. “At the same time, a binding framework is in place, that failed, orders are later re-loaded and returned as quickly as possible back to a normal state can be.”

For the IG Metall, said district Director Daniel Friedrich: “The working-time accounts are another tool to get over the crisis. Short-time work can thus be prevented or at least delayed. This is especially important where there is no increase to the short-time working money, and the employees would otherwise have quickly a significant loss of income.“