And in the Corona times. In the hall of the city, there are not multiple Pubs only an established Irish pub scene, but far beyond the Region known Bands such as “Seldom Sober”, “Tricky Notes” and the “Greenhorns” is also a colorful and successful music scene, dedicated to the music of the emerald Isle.

However, given the occasion, didn’t have to be this spring, only in the hall extensively celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. To cope with whether or not the object 5 or Brohmers, coffee scales, pallet or Café Ludwig – all of the Clubs and Venues in the city have immense losses. The same is true for Halles musicians, especially for those who are professionally on the stage.

“Many of us live by the music”

Exactly this target group Paddy Peschke, front man of the “Greenhorns”, in view, if he goes this Saturday with a special concert, “on the air”. “Many of us live from making music, they bring their shows to the audience the joy and relaxation,” says Peschke, who is also a self-employed musician and thus be affected. Therefore, the father of two knows, how it looks currently in the scene.

He knew many of them, the existence of which now stand on the game. And even if free artists and musicians may apply for an emergency aid of 400 euros, it is difficult for the Affected to overcome the prescribed for weeks or even months long losing streak. The same, so the object-in-chief Peter Brock, the applicable sites in similar Form for the club and the game.

guitarist and singer-songwriter Peschke to Immediately measure

guitarist and singer-songwriter Peschke now measure to Instant. On Saturday, he will need to with a concert from her home in the living room for all those games, where the stage corona-are currently denied. “To not understand me wrong – the output restrictions, of course, my full approval,” says the musician.

First of all, so Peschke, he had planned his Solo presence as a Live concert. However, since the Internet could not hold a connection may, he recorded his “Sofa-Mugge” before. “Both of my children I sent during the recording, to walk out, then it started,” says the “Greenhorn”-the singer laughs. The good mood he is not lost.

Via Facebook Peschke will present a total of 15 Songs

Via Facebook Peschke will present a total of 15 Songs – some well-known Irish and, in part, self-written, he had already longer in the drawer. To the connoisseurs and lovers of the green island will tell some anecdotes to each of the titles – the same way as the “Greenhorn”-Fans from the Live performances of the Band. “With the action I just want to say Thank you,” said Peschke. The proceeds of the living room concert, for the viewers by PayPal can donate money, go to music colleagues.

“, “living room concert on Saturday, 19 o’clock, on the Facebook page of “Greenhorn”-singer Paddy Peschke (mz)

This article was written by Katja Pausch

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