The everyday life of many in Saxony-Anhalt is due to the Coronavirus restricted and recognized in the increasingly sensitive areas of the company. In a nursing home in hall 13 residents are infected, one has died, as the Lord mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) announced on Sunday. Also in a nursing home in Jessen (Elster/Landkreis Wittenberg) spreads Sars-CoV-2. The County announced on Sunday that a 76-year-old infected residents with multiple serious illnesses died in the hospital. In the nursing home, the number of infected residents had increased from 11 to 19, 7 staff were ill. There were approximately 100 residents.

In Jessen are about 8000 citizens of the districts Jessen and Schweinitz in quarantine. Most of them show a level headed and reasonable, as mayor Michael Jahn (SPD) said at the weekend. And also in the Central point of contact for asylum-seekers in Halberstadt, where approximately 850 residents are separated due to a Corona-If also of the environment, there is understanding of how the district of Harz said.

the country had been proven far to Sunday lunch 635 infections, said the Ministry of social Affairs in Magdeburg. 53 of them were treated in hospitals. Nevertheless, the police and the regulatory agencies catch Stubborn again and again, the partying, the output restrictions and spacing rules to comply with. In the Ilsetal about the officials met at the weekend, a lot of day trippers from surrounding States, such as the police station resin announced on Sunday.

In the hall were alone on Saturday 31 criminal charges. In Magdeburg were encountered at the controls on Saturday, however, only five larger groups of people, like a city spokeswoman said. On Friday, a Bar has been officially sealed, which was not closed as prescribed was still. The operator was according to the city’s unapologetic.

In the town of Halberstadt, the police broke up several parties. In one case, nine people sat in a living room close to each other. “The people made light of focused the instructions of the officials and were unapologetic”, described the police. There were nine criminal charges and court references. In a Parking lot in Halberstadt, five people had a barbecue despite the far-reaching contact prohibition and drank alcohol.

The city hall said on Sunday repeated the importance of the observance of the Corona-rules – not least to protect the most Vulnerable. The 13 positively tested residents of the Diakonie-old nursing home had not shown any symptoms, – said Wiegand. He pointed out that anyone could, even unnoticed. To wanted the on Sunday deceased residents call the city with regard to the nationals of any Details. In the device 152 people were housed. The part of the Building with a total of 55 residents, in a previously tested positive Nurse had worked, was put under quarantine. The personnel working with protective equipment.

Also available in a smaller care facility with 24 residents, it was found according to Wiegand in the case of a Nurse, the novel Coronavirus. All residents would now be investigated. A quarantine was also there.

In the two Jessener districts, which are cordoned off since Thursday, there is, according to the mayor Jahn, mostly understanding: “The mood is mostly reasonable, wise and prudent.” The people were aware of the danger. Only a few had not understood it yet. Residents must remain in their homes and on their land, and they may only leave, in order to supply on the shortest way about food.

“It hits the city’s already extremely,” said Jahn, who is since 2015 the mayor. The city had experience with the flood and fires, but now the people could counter the Virus. The two weeks for which the quarantine is now applied, could be very long. “At the beginning, it is like a holiday camp.” However, it should be remember in the case of families, the Dilemma, if all the long time needed to be together. “Emotionally, there will be big problems,” says Jahns evaluation.

pressure on companies, their employees should not work any more, would have said Jahn. And there is also resentment in the face of differences in treatment, if, for example, a company could continue to work and others do not. And also for the people in the other 42 Jessener districts, the quarantine was clearly noticeable. You go to the doctor, shopping or going to day care and school, according to Jessen in the city. Now, the paths more clearly.

In the Central point of contact for asylum-seekers in Halberstadt, the residents had been informed of the necessity of the restriction of their social contacts. You have shown understanding and prudence, informed the competent Harz district on Sunday. The individual buildings of the institution with around 850 inhabitants were isolated from each other. A former resident who now lives in Halle, was positive to the new Coronavirus tested.