Gryzlov: a Number of Western politicians is attacking the memory of the Victory

the Names and deeds of heroes who fought for freedom and independence of our Motherland, for a decent, happy future of our people and all other peoples, revered in our country and in different parts of the world, uniting our compatriots and citizens of other States.

Photo: A. Goryachev / RIA Novosti In the project “Road of remembrance” took part more than 40 thousand soldiers

the Centre of the celebrations dedicated to the Victory Day – is, of course, Moscow and its Red square. The first Victory Parade on red square on 24 June 1945. Then a solemn March have passed regiments of the heroes of the winners, the passage of which was completing a column of soldiers threw 200 banners and standards of the defeated Nazi troops to the feet of the victorious people.

My generation remembers that in 1965, for the first time since 1945, was held a military parade dedicated to the 20th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. Then on Red square was first solemnly made the Victory Banner, and the commander of the banner of hope was stormed the Reichstag hero of the Soviet Union Colonel Konstantin Samsonov, and assistants in banner – set it on the roof of the Reichstag heroes of the Soviet Union Sergeant Mikhail Yegorov and Junior Sergeant Meliton Kantaria. In the same year – the year of the 20th anniversary of the great Victory by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, may 9 was declared the day a national holiday.

since 1945, in all of the parades of victory participated banners fronts. The fronts went in service in a geographic sequence from North to South, as they were located along the line of contact with the enemy – Karelian, Leningrad, 1st Baltic, Belarusian, Ukrainian…

a Tradition to name the corps, the army, and then the fronts on a geographical basis – the basis of their location in the theater of war was born in the Russian army for a long time, and in the years of the great Patriotic war was strictly observed.

Photo: How 75 years ago the Soviet army stormed the capital of Slovakia

With the beginning of the war military districts in the Western part of the country were transformed into fronts. Subsequently, front-line management and the fronts changed their names depending on their actual location. For example, the Northern front was split into the Leningrad and Karelian. During the war, such changes of names continued: Stalingrad front was renamed the don, Kalinin – in 1st Baltic, Voronezh front in the 1st Ukrainian, Steppe front, 2nd Ukrainian, southwestern front 3rd Ukrainian, the Western front – the 3rd Belorussian.

the Renaming of the fronts was not only due to geographical reasons or by management. With the advance of the red army in the West, these names spoken multimillion country that we win our lands, release of our compatriots. Names of the fronts of the reflected and demonstrated to the world the successes of the Soviet troops.

At the crossing of the state border the names of fronts, it was decided to leave unchanged. This was a profound political and historical sense – the Soviet soldiers did not conquer Poland, Czechoslovakia and other enslaved Nazi Germany state. He liberated them from Nazism. Belarusian and Ukrainian fronts of their titles emphasized the historical truth – our war was defensive and liberation. In Europe the Soviet soldiers came not as a conqueror but as a liberator.

From the first to the last day of the war at all fronts, and in different periods existed simultaneously from 10 to 15, fought the soldiers more than a hundred nationalities of the Soviet Union

From the first to the last day of the war on all fronts, and in different periods existed simultaneously from 10 to 15, fought the soldiers more than a hundred nationalities of the Soviet Union. Once more let us together remember the names of the commanders of the Victory, which commanded the fronts at the final stage of the great Patriotic war: a Soviet Union Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov was the head of the 1st Byelorussian front, Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, the 2nd Belorussian front, Marshal of the Soviet Union Alexander Mikhailovich Vasilevsky – the 3rd Belorussian front, Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Stepanovich Konev, 1st Ukrainian front, Marshal Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovskiy – 2nd Ukrainian front, Marshal of the Soviet Union Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin, the 3rd Ukrainian front, army General Andrei Ivanovich Eremenko’s 4th Ukrainian front, Marshal of the Soviet Union Kirill Afanasevich Meretskov – coastal group of forces (formerly the office of the Karelian front), army General Ivan Bagramyan, the 1st Baltic front, Marshal of the Soviet Union Leonid Aleksandrovich Govorov of the Leningrad front.

For four years, the mother received five incorrect funerals for son

it is important to note that named after the places of their battles, the fronts formed of the units and connections in accordance with military expediency. Thus, one and the same division or corps could function during the war as part of the different fronts. And especially the personnel of military units, formations and associations was quite diverse along national lines and places the call.

This is a large, sharedtraveler a story of Victory that unites all the peoples of our countries, peoples of the fraternal countries and allied countries. And Western politicians, diplomats and historians should know about it. But some of them stubbornly keep trying to organize a “creeping” information attack on the historical memory of the peoples, trying to rewrite or shut up, the world significance of the great Victory.

Recent public statements of politicians, including at events in Poland, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp is a sad example.

Statements of such figures who do not want to accept plain facts, and insisting on the fact that liberated Europe “Ukrainian fronts” allegedly formed exclusively of ethnic Ukrainians and named along ethnic lines are nothing more than another attempt to falsify the historical truth and incite ethnic hatred.

Some of our neighbours at the highest level have already agreed to the fact that the concentration camp Auschwitz in Nazi-occupied Poland was liberated in January 1945, “Ukrainians of the Lviv division”. Not all soldiers celebrated in the battles of the 100th infantry division, which was formed in the Vologda land and received the name of “Lvivske” for the liberation of the city of Lviv, and Ukrainians.

Photo: Alexander vilf/RIA Novosti defense Ministry: No decision about changing the date of the Victory Parade no

Trying to reconsider the significance of the great Victory, continuing his praise of Nazi collaborators, the current leadership of Ukraine aspires to wipe out the feat of the people, the heroism of people of different nationalities that were United in the years of the great Patriotic war.

Now, in the perverted logic of some of the ideologues of the Kiev authorities, representatives of other nationalities who fought in part 1, 2, 3, and 4th Ukrainian, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Belarusian and other fronts and fleets, did not free the occupied territory of our country and half of Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent interview with the Agency TASS reiterated the absolute inadmissibility of such statements. A great contribution to Victory made all the peoples of our great country and of allied countries. It is important to remember the heroes who together went into battle, bled, died, suffered privations and hardships of the war years, but has won Holy one in the Victory. Their names and military merits are forever inscribed in Russian and world history. Our people made the feat, becoming a symbol of the indomitable courage and patriotism. It is important to remember and protect the history of the great Victory to be able to continue the story of our country.