Animation companies have been identified in the capital, which will receive grants from the Moscow Government to create new audiovisual content and stimulate the growth of economic indicators. This was reported by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

Studios that are engaged in the production of animated audiovisual products and are in the register of animation organizations of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation or in the register of the Animation Film Association could apply for the grant. 

In order to receive support, the studio needs to increase the revenue from the production of films by an amount three times the size of the future grant.

This year, Moscow creators of non-commercial author’s animation will also be able to apply for another grant. To get it, you need to win a prize at a well-known Russian or international festival of author animation. Applications are scheduled to open in November.

Studios can also take advantage of business support measures already in place in the city (for example, to compensate for part of the costs of adapting products during export). The targeted subsidy allows you to reimburse the cost of literary translation, adaptation of the text to the video sequence, creation of an additional audio track, production of subtitles, rental of premises and equipment necessary for this.

In addition, Moscow animation companies can apply for a grant for exporters, which is provided to small and medium-sized businesses in the presence of an export contract worth at least six million rubles.

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To learn more about the support measures of the Moscow Government, visit the special website for entrepreneurs