– the Cost of construction of a private house starts from 15 thousand rubles per square meter. Ready apartment in Voronezh the new building will cost at least 43 thousand for “square”, – told the realtor Oksana Anikeeva. Quarantine helped her to sell the 232-meter house, before hanging in the ads more than a year. Two-storey mansion 2001 with the construction of a garage and service went at a price the average “treshki” – for 4.8 million rubles.

have individual housing and other benefits such as the ability to choose a convenient layout, not to adapt to the model project. Modern building technologies, well-laid communications, a good gas and electrical equipment save up to half the resources compared to the apartment.

– In an apartment house cannot come to an agreement. What would the appropriate people in it live, any gathering turns into a Bazaar. So there is no way to solve problems – for example, to deal with unscrupulous management company. And in a private house myself UK, – says the owner of a new 150-foot mansion Yuri Tipton.

By profession he is the head of the pharmaceutical company, but at heart Builder: together with the father built three houses and is building a fourth.

Clearly, the fact complex and demanding, requiring specific knowledge and constant monitoring. Apartment you can get for a couple of days: found one, took a mortgage and move. Cottage in the best case built for five or six months and usually a year or more. All this time, the future homeowner has to solve complex engineering and financial tasks, vigilantly monitor the quality of work. Gray hair will definitely be added, but the result is worth it.

it is considered that the construction of the house begins with the project. It is not so. The project is essential, but its preparation is necessary to present the future house in every detail: how many people will be living in it, what they plan to do will be to commute to work and haul the kids to school.

– don’t try to surprise neighbors in a big way. A large house is expensive to heat and maintain, difficult to remove. You can, of course, hire a housekeeper, but not everyone is willing to let the man in the street. The family of two people is enough 100-meter cottage. For children add each spacious room, – said Yuri.

Realtors agree: the mansions area of more than 200 squares to sell is almost impossible – except that the coronavirus will help.

to Build a two-story house makes sense in two cases. First, if the plot size does not allow to place all necessary rooms on one level. Either from the second floor Windows offer a beautiful view. In all other situations the “high-rise” creates a lot ��of Lopota. Children falling from stairs (adults too) to raise anything up terribly uncomfortable – to see this, it is enough time to go to the second floor with a vacuum cleaner. And non – residential attic- good insulation and spacious storage space.

the Plan of the future house should be thoroughly discussed with all its future inhabitants.

– I made the classic mistake – planned building self – admitted Yuri. And now it turned out that the wife in the kitchen does not have enough work surfaces.

you Must consider placement of appliances depends on the laying of communications, and it must be taken into consideration already at the stage of Foundation.

to Save on surveyors – a more expensive. A properly made shot of the construction site will determine the type and geometry of the Foundation is invisible, but the most important part of the housing. By the way, on the Foundation of saving is possible and necessary.

– there is no Need to bury a third of the cost of the house. Pile Foundation is suitable for any soil, is inexpensive, and is done quickly. It is important to observe the technology of its styling. This is the most important in construction. Violation of the technology in the basement entails a distortion of the geometry of the whole building – then the wall can go cracks.

the Problem of any steward how to find a fair team, has a solution. To distinguish bona fide workers from the hacks can be, having been on their previous objects and talking to customers.

– Any normal team has a portfolio readily demonstrates the delivered features. If there is no reason to be suspicious – said the foreman of finishers Ivan Aparin.

And worse than non-compliance with technology can be only a consequence: the elimination of deficiencies or to amend the project during operations.

the Alterations entail the new changes, and eventually the value of the home may grow in times, – has warned Tipton.

Project – 50 thousand rubles.

the Foundation and subfloor – 1 million rubles.

Walls – 1 million rubles.

network Engineering – 600 thousand rubles.

the Roof of a natural tile – 1.5 million rubles.

Windows – 300 thousand rubles.

rough finish – 400 thousand rubles.

final finishing (if not much to show off) – 10 thousand/sq. m.

TOTAL the 150-meter cottage cost Yuri Tituka 5.35 million rubles. This amount does not include the cost of land and connection of communications.

Anton Logbook, architect:

Before the purchase of the land under construction be sure to visit there and walk around to make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises such a Gypsy camp, power lines or kennels and all the necessary communications, transport and social infrastructure, on the contrary, are present. It is not necessary to take projects from the Internet. Otherwise, at the stage of construction it is possible to deal with the fact that p��Ana and accompany them fronts are not the same. Every project is someone’s intellectual property, and the finished product is not giving away no free. The Network hang “demo” with intentionally distorted proportions. And again, even a competently written estimate should be multiplied by one and a half.