French actor Gerard Depardieu, 2013 who is also a Russian citizen, recognized the victims of the coronavirus, allowing them to apply for state support in Russia. Registered as a sole proprietorship, Depardieu was in the list of those who may qualify for assistance from the state.

this was reported by the lawyer of the actor Yuri Mosman, noting that the use of such legal entities provide benefits the artist did not intend. Despite the fact that once it is a question of taxes has become one of the causes of the transition Depardieu under French jurisdiction, he does not want to even take advantage of the tax deferral. All payments made by the actor in advance, already knowing about the possibility of obtaining support.

“This is not an exemption, but simply a postponement. In the case of income, we immediately reserve a portion to pay taxes, so why should he wait when he can just pay?” — said the lawyer.

However, on the website of the Federal tax service (FNS) indicated that FE Depardieu meets all the criteria, allowing to receive in may and June financial assistance 12 130 rubles for each employee. The main activity of Russian business actor — “creative activity in the arts and entertainment organization”. This area of IP is in the register of subjects of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

And here’s another famous actor, who received Russian citizenship — Steven Segal — to claim benefits can’t. When you register your EP, he chose a basic activity “Professional, scientific and technical other not included in other groupings”, and a category in the government list of affected industries is not included.

Gerard Depardieu has registered as an individual entrepreneur in Saransk almost immediately after receiving Russian citizenship in February 2013. In 2018 he extended SP in Novosibirsk, where he planned to work on the business and cultural projects. To leave France, the actor has decided due the government’s decision to raise tax for the wealthy to 75%.