Fuel prices remain at a high level – only in June will a temporary tax cut take effect, which will make petrol and diesel significantly cheaper. But the price fluctuations are already enormous, according to the ADAC.

There are currently significant price differences at petrol stations within Germany. A current evaluation by the ADAC shows that motorists currently have to pay the most for fuel in Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony-Anhalt. It is significantly cheaper in Bavaria and Saarland. Super E10 is cheapest in Bavaria at 2,046 euros, followed by Saarland at 2,057 euros and Baden-Württemberg at 2,070 euros. Petrol is the most expensive in Saxony-Anhalt at EUR 2.140 per liter – that is 9.4 cents more than in Bavaria.

Diesel costs the least in Saarland, where a liter currently costs 1.996 euros. At the same time, Saarland is the only federal state with an average price per liter of less than two euros. Diesel is slightly more expensive in Rhineland-Palatinate at 2.004 euros and in Bavaria at 2.010 euros.

Drivers in Schleswig-Holstein currently pay the highest diesel prices at an average price of 2.091 euros. The price difference between Saarland, the cheapest state, and Schleswig-Holstein, the most expensive state, is 9.5 cents. With a 50-liter tank filling, drivers in Schleswig-Holstein pay almost five euros more than in Saarland. The prices determined represent a snapshot from today, 11 a.m. (aum)

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