the Stock price of gasoline has updated the historical maximum. From the beginning of June at the St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange a ton of AI-92 rose by a record 9% and exceeded 56,7 thousand rubles. Such sharp rise in price interested the Federal Antimonopoly service, suspecting a cartel. The energy Ministry has nothing extraordinary to see, and in the Independent fuel Union warned that after the exchange prices to soar and retail. How much will the price of gasoline at the pump?

the Fuel on the exchange buy wholesale consumers, for example, logistics companies and not included in the structure of oil companies filling stations. In April, the price for these was exceptional: due to the fall in prices and demand for petroleum products gasoline sold on the stock exchange below cost. Now oil quotes grew, and after them on the stock exchanges has risen in price and fuel.

However, the retail unit lives by its own laws. When the wholesale segment of the gasoline record became cheaper, prices at the pump have not changed. But the increase in trading value to hit the wallets of Russians can.

the Reason for this paradox – damping mechanism by which the government regulates fuel prices and receive the budget money from the oil companies. Briefly it works like this: given the high price of “black gold” damper stimulates the oil companies to sell gasoline in the domestic market (then the state pays oil companies) at low price – internal market as it “agrees” to purchase fuel from their (then oil companies pay to the state).

Now the second case, therefore, the oil industry suffers losses: raw materials and sold practically nothing, and the budget has to unfasten. Because of this, gasoline prices in Russia are formed the market and artificially. Oil companies have to recoup their costs at the expense of consumers.

the Sharp rise in stock prices of gasoline in the middle of may and in June the experts call a temporary phenomenon and is explained by the reduction in demand in the market. During isolation, the oilers suspended the power of their productions, and with the lifting of restrictions did not have time to restore them. “In April and may, amid regime isolation, greatly decreased the traffic of vehicles up to 70-80% in some regions). Accordingly, refineries have reduced the production (in may, production decreased by 20% in annual terms). Also, during this period the refinery stand for planned repairs, – explains head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev, And in June, when the regime of self-isolation began to take off, demand for fuel rose sharply, to which manufacturers were not ready. The exchange has responded to the shortage of fuel price increase in the wholesale delivery.” According to the analyst, the increase of production volumes and applications damp��EPA, the cost of fuel on the stock exchange will decline.

“the Oil was so afraid during the period of self-isolation to overflow of tanks, as happened in the United States, two-thirds of the reduced production. In the coming weeks, the company will adapt to current needs and the cost of fuel on the exchange will be reduced. However, in a short period of possible rising prices at the pump, until the situation with fuel is not stabiliziruemost and the market received additional supplies of oil products,” – warned the head of the Department experts on the stock market “BCS” Vasiliy Karpunin.