games in a Dream, on an island far, far away, the sound of today more appealing than ever before. The electronic screens will form part of our windows on the world, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides fans with a nice frame. Thanks to the typical of Nintendo’s approach, which is a collection of everyday gameconcepten molds and refines a polished and relaxing Switch to an adventure. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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It’s a starting point, vanAnimal Crossing: New Horizonsis is simple: you are going to camp on a beautifully landscaped island, along with a couple of computer-controlled characters, and a lot of enthusiastic camp director, and his two sons. That’s what is for the most part you will not like, at your own pace, on top of that. You have a simple tent, and you may be soon expanding, with a vast amount of useful and less useful objects, such as an inflatable bed, a fish tank, a Switch, and vloerlichtjes, a barbecue, … and the list seems to be never-ending, just like the clothes and the accessories to make your character. Are you picking fruit, catching fish, gathers the wood, chat with others, etc.). You can even make a museum out of the ground and stomping it.

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At first glance it seems to be dezeAnimal Crossing: New Horizons < / i> is simply a collection of gravel , crafting and e.g. commands, the cosmetic upgrades, and – at least in the beginning – a lot-to-lot text boxes clicked away. In other words, all the boring stuff that a lot of the other games on your drive in anticipation of the real-world game play. If you like this game, so look at it, it is, indeed, nothing to be found. The message here is to take a step back and enjoy the slow pace – or, in our case, the Switching of the controllers to the tablet to click in and playing a movie on the tv.