As coronavirus paralyzes the planet, RT documentary channel RTD has gone on an online world tour to learn from locals about the common dreads and unique problems caused by the pandemic faced by the world’s nations.

Documentary filmmaker Natalya Karachkova was just recently tracking polar bears and Siberian tigers with her crew – but now she has found herself stuck in lockdown in her Moscow apartment. Thankfully, the internet allowed her to reach out to faraway countries, connecting with journalists and heroes of RTD’s earlier films in order to feel the weakened pulse of the planet, heavily hit by the deadly virus.

“Everyone on Earth is in the same situation,” Iranian documentary filmmaker Mina Keshavar told RTD. Covid-19 has been called the great equalizer, with the world’s leading nations, like the US, France and Spain, hurting on a par or even more than the poorer states. But, of course, every country has its own national differences and unique pandemic stories, which the film uncovers.

In Brazil, the favelas have become the “safest” place during the epidemic as the drug gangs enforce the quarantine with guns to keep their illegal business afloat. But in neighboring Ecuador the authorities are handing out free cardboard coffins, so that the numerous victims could finally be buried.

The people in Israel fear not only for their health, but for their privacy too, as many suspect that the government won’t be switching off the surveillance software introduced to stem the spread of the disease after things return to normal. When it comes to the coronavirus, the US may be the worst-hit country in the world, but some Americans feel in their element during the pandemic – they are the preppers, who’ve been waiting for such a crisis all their lives.

And these are just some of the stories as RTD’s world tour spanning several continents and also making stops in Italy, Syria, Chile, the Philippines and other countries, including the remote Easter Island.


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