The buyer of the second large wagon asset OAO RZHD — WRC-2 — was a New car repair company. She bought the asset at auction with a premium of 17% to the starting price at RUB 10.7 billion More sales car repair companies of JSC RZD not planning to: VRK-1 it wanted to keep, and VRK-3 sold in the past year, agencies of the United metallurgical company.Russian Railways 19 Jun auctioned off his Wagon repair company-2 (WRC-2), said the monopoly. With a starting price of 9,145 billion RUB 100% minus one share of the company was acquired for RUB 10.7 billion New car repair company (NVK).The composition of the NEC includes six car-repair enterprises in total repair more than 2 thousand cars a month. Almost belongs in equal shares to Denis Forest, Vadim Mikhalchuk (CEO NVK) and Maxim Klenow (Treasurer). WRC-2 with a market share of vagonoremontny more than 17% 36 owns a car-repair enterprises with repair capacity more than 108 thousand cars a year.Also in the auction were admitted “MSC Package” (controlled by “Transmashholding”), Sterlitamak car repair plant (part of “rail Service” Sergey Guschin) and “Regiontransservis” (belongs to Alexander Simonov, Maxim Petrov and the General Director Alexander Boychenko, bought in 2018, the Russian Railways operator reefer Park “Refservis”).This is the second — and probably last — major car repair the asset, which leaves the Railways. In the autumn of 2019, the company after multiple failed attempts sold VRK-3 structures of the United metallurgical company (OMK) Anatoly Sedyh for 8.65 billion rubles.— a premium of 23% on the back of high prices of the wheels and particularly the wheel pairs that form of bought wheel repair plant (see “Kommersant” on October 4, 2019). VRK-1, OAO Russian Railways plans to keep.Natalia Skorlygina