France confiscated the mask, intended Spain and Italy

according to the magazine L’express, the burden two European countries, people are most impressed COVID-19, ordered from a large Swedish company specializing in the production of disposable products. Goods were in transit through France when it confiscated: over a couple of days before President Emmanuel macron has signed a decree allowing the government to requisition all needed to combat the epidemic. The General Secretariat for defence and national security, an Advisory body to the Prime Minister, has considered stocks of medical masks a matter of national security.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN Largest food market in France will turn to the morgue

To solve the problem joined the Swedish government and diplomats and after two weeks of negotiations, half of the cargo still travelled by purpose (million masks in Spain and Italy). The rest of France was left to himself.

the incident led to yet imperceptible, the future is a very tangible consequences. The image of France was ruined. The Swedish giant has refused to carry on the territory of the Republic of their products.

it is Noteworthy that France is not the only one. The war behind the mask has also entered Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland. Each of these countries during the month of March managed to intercept a shipment meant Italy. Perhaps this is what led to such a large number of infections in the Apennines.