Also to the end of the week, investors in the stock market, there may be a reason to sell off part of the stock portfolio on the release of the official data on corporate profits in the U.S., which are projected to show a decline, said Fenchenko. The reduction of the key rate of Bank of Russia from 5.5% to 4.5% per annum significant effect on the position of the ruble will not, says the analyst. According to his forecast, the exchange rate of the Russian currency this week will fluctuate in the range 69-69,5 rubles per dollar.

the External background for the Russian stock market is generally good because of oil prices above $ 40 per barrel, the us stock market is also now trading well, says the analyst UK “the alpha-the Capital” Vasily Koposov.

According to him, the reduction of the key rate by the Bank of Russia is a positive for prices of rouble bonds and for stocks, especially for stocks with high dividend yields. “A good point to lower rates – just shortly before the “dividend season” in Russia (mainly dividend “cut-off” is concentrated in the first half of July),” he said.

Thus, according to koposova, this week on the Russian stock market can count on a positive reassessment of primarily dividend stocks – the fair dividend yield can periostitis following rates and prices, respectively, to grow.

this week from industry data on quotes can affect the statistics on oil reserves in the United States, which continue to grow and can spoil the mood of market players, says the head of analytical Department of Bank “St.-Petersburg” Andrey Kadulin. Nevertheless, the main factor in the oil market, as in recent days, will remain demand for risk. It continues to support the infusion of liquidity to the markets of the major Central banks, the analyst said.

Tuesday will be presented to the June preliminary PMI developed countries, like Kazulin. They will form the basis for the evaluation by investors of prospects of global economy recovery after the removal of the main quarantine restrictions. Brent crude on the background, probably konsolidiruyutsya close to 42 dollars for barrel, having exhausted the global growth drivers, he said.