the Ministry of justice of Russia issued a public discussion draft of the new Code of administrative offences. In addition, the document introduces a penalty for the collection, sale and purchase of rare species of fungi. Violators face fines from 15 thousand to one million rubles. But a million-dollar fine provided for legal persons, i.e. those who will begin to harvest Amanita whole firm.

In the current code of administrative offences there is article punishes the destruction of endangered species. For citizens the penalty amounts to 2-5 thousand rubles. However, apply this measure of responsibility only for destruction of plants and animals. And sanctions disrupted a rare blade of grass, frankly, are small. Meanwhile, according to the Forest code of Russia, gathering mushrooms listed in the Red book, is also prohibited. But the administrative responsibility is not provided.

the Problem is sometimes trying to solve in the field. For example, last year in the Orenburg region has made a change in the law. The intruder has disrupted a rare mushroom has to pay 1 to 2 thousand rubles. But what is 2 thousand rubles for citizens, eager to dig up truffles in the steppe near Orenburg?

So now the Ministry of justice decided to dramatically increase the penalties for the collecting of rare plants and to be codified in the administrative code the penalty for mushroom pickers offenders. Innovation will be the addition to the article about “red” and endangered species.

the collection, sale, purchase or destruction of plants, animals and fungi, the citizens will have to pay from 15 to 100 thousand rubles, individual entrepreneurs – from 100 to 150 thousand rubles. For organizations, the fine will be from 500 thousand to one million rubles.

there Are cases when a citizen finds in the forest a beautiful and unusual mushroom and wants to take him with us. However, he did not even realize that the one listed in the Red book. In this case, if a rare fungus has been found in a basket by chance, the offender may be forgiven. “If insignificance of an administrative offense a person may be exempt from liability and to limit oral remarks. Thus, there is a significant difference, whether randomly collected a single mushroom or a basket full of experienced mushroom picker” – said a member of the Association of lawyers of Russia Maria Spiridonova.

not to get into an awkward situation, citizens need to know rare mushrooms in the face. Just a list of banned for picking mushrooms comprises over 20 species. Among them greasers ruby, trutovik varnished, summer truffle, oyster Semkovo straw, porfirovich liebertwolkwitz. There are some toadstools. The full list can be found on the official website of the red book of Russia.

by the Way, now for the perpetrators to engage in the Internet: find on the websites of the announcement of the sale of rare species of animals and plants. RightsYes, as practice shows, in this case, only restricted access to sites.

“it is possible that offenders will be caught using photos and video cameras, and the gathering of wild gifts of nature will be in details settled,” – said the expert.

However, this does not mean that collecting mushrooms is quite impossible. The measure applies only to rare species. But this does not negate the fact that in General relate to the nature of the need carefully.