Germany is in travel fever. Especially in the summer months, many people are drawn into the warmth. Spain, Greece, Italy and France are very popular. But it is not cheap in these countries. FOCUS Online says where you can still get the cheap all-inclusive package at a bargain.

Basically, if you want to save, go on vacation in Germany. Either on your own balcony, on the terrace or in the park. If you want to leave your own four walls, travel within the German borders is particularly cheap.

With the 9-euro ticket, you can make several intermediate stops. For accommodation, you can save extra money if you choose hotels that are a bit away from the train station, tourist attractions and the city center. The highlight? You usually do not have to buy a ticket for the bus, subway or tram in the German holiday destination.

Hotel prices are going up. A double room is available in July in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Brandenburg or Cologne for around 600 euros per week. The hotels in Rostock, Bremen, Ulm, Göttingen or Kassel are cheaper. Here you can get a double room for one week in the cheapest case from 300 euros upwards (arrival on July 12th).

If you want to be mobile with your family, you can rely on mobile homes. In Germany, depending on the size, equipment and condition, you pay around 130 euros per day in July. You should add fuel, deposit, food, toll costs and camping and parking space rental to the costs.

A family with two children pays upwards of 2,000 euros for ten days. Compared to a flight and hotel holiday abroad, the saving is a good 30 percent.

Supermarket prices are skyrocketing, but furniture, clothing, shoes and other consumer goods are also becoming more expensive. As a retail expert, I know the tricks of the trade and tell you how you can save money for you and your family every month when shopping. Would you like to talk to me about your savings tips and tricks? Did you notice anything while shopping? Then send an e-mail to with your name and phone number

The high inflation in Turkey (almost 74 percent) ensures prices that make savers’ hearts beat faster on vacation.

A week all-inclusive for a good 400 euros is possible. For example: From Munich to Antalya with travel giant Tui for 388 euros per person or to Belek for 379 euros.

FOCUS Online advises: Read the online reviews of the hotels well, find out about reports of overbooking and hotel cancellations. Before Corona, a number of accommodations had attracted negative attention. Travelers had to stay overnight in the hotel lobby.

If you stay in the popular holiday resorts of Side and Antalya, you will pay a lot of money, but compared to Greece, Cyprus or Italy it is only a fraction. A family of three pays around 1,500 euros for a week in Side at the beginning of August – almost 500 euros per person. On the island of Kos, the price with similar conditions is 2,700 euros (per person 900 euros).

You can also go on cheap holidays in Bulgaria and Albania. The hotel and flight prices are at a low level. At the same time, more and more airlines are flying there from Germany. In both countries, similar to Turkey, there is currently a lot of holiday for the euro in view of the high inflation. Inflation is 21 percent in Bulgaria and 7 percent in Albania.

A week in the Albanian port city of Vlora. A family of three pays a total of 700 euros for flight and hotel in the middle of the high season. In the nearby island of Corfu, travelers have to pay almost three times as much.

Greece, Spain, Croatia and Italy are expensive patches in 2022. However, there are offers. A family with two small children (up to 11 years) should expect costs from 1,600 euros in July. Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Corfu, Azores, Alentejo, Algarve or Sicily are expensive.

But for 400 euros you can also visit these holiday countries. Book package deals from the end of September. For example Crete from Cologne in a four-star hotel with breakfast for two people and one week only 390 euros per person.

If you still want to travel cheaply to the popular holiday countries in the high season, you should:

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