Food: shortages in fruit and vegetables expected

for weeks farmers and farmers helpers for the upcoming crop are missing. Normal forces from the Eastern European countries no longer used, since they may not, however, because of the tightening of entry regulations in the Wake of the Virus-containment policy of the Federal government for the time being, into the country, would way of this is a lack of labour force the farmers massively. This is likely to also affect crop yields, such as the mirror reported.

Although no one has to reckon with the problems in basic supply. However, it will come in the case of certain fruits and vegetables in the medium term to bottlenecks. According to Bauer, President Joachim Rukwied price also increases.

by the Way: Who wants to help, and in the time of crisis after a Übergangsjob addiction, with the Initiative of “helping The country” the Chance to be fast, free and efficiently taught.

liability: The best insurance companies in Check

shall be liable he Who inflicts other damage to it. So it writes “business week” and thus in an important topic that is much too often neglected: The private liability insurance. Because Wilfried Black, insurance expert at the analysis Morgen & Morgen (M&M), in Germany more than 20 percent of households without a liability policy. A frightening result, as the expert analyses. And because of the need to change it, has crystallized the magazine exciting insurance policies for Singles and family, and for all of you combined. Because one thing is clear: It can be very fast, be very expensive if a the favorite vase of your best friend is broken, and you spare pounds. It is even worse, however, when foreign persons come to harm. Then claims for damages can quickly go into the millions of uninsured driving in the Ruin.

Amazon currently delivers with a delay of

The citizens ‘ supply of certain products, such as hygiene items, food, toiletries or dog food has now also in Germany a top priority at the online retailer Amazon. After already in the United States last week, delays for Prime-customer-delivery products, such as some televisions, etc., have been announced, it is now also available in Germany so far.

Goods of daily necessities and other Goods with high demand, such as an image reported to be Preferably, therefore, first of all. And because of the Online trade is booming currently, especially, it is a consequence of the delays for everything else. On the Website of the provider, that is why messages like this are displayed: “In your Region temporarily to extended delivery times.”

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