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in late March, the tenants began to show a lack of confidence in its solvency. Nonresident renters translated into udalenku or have lost work, have pulled out of major cities home, someone started to look for cheaper housing. “In addition, the market supply of long-term lease is replenished apartments, previously rented for rent,” – says Pavel Lutsenko, Director General of the Federal portal “WORLD APARTMENTS”. All this has led to the fact that the rental market is already witnessing a fall in prices. Cheaper “dvushki” and “treshki” only “odnushki” do not pass positions.Any homeowner understands that the period of isolation – not the best time to find new tenants. And therefore trying by all means to avoid the loss of tenants and downtime of the apartment. Tenants are not interested in finding a new apartment is the crushing costs: Deposit fee realtor. So ready to honestly discuss your financial situation, ask for lower fees, offer options.

“the apartment Owners sympathetic to the difficulties tenants – in the end, all we are in a difficult situation,” – said Oksana Polyakova, Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments INKOM-Nedvizhimost. But do not just settle for large sums. “The talks need to start with minimal discounts in the existing conditions for major cities is 10-15%”, – tells Regina Dudalina, head of the legal Department of the Federal company “Floors”.

Most experts agree that the minimum discount will be about 10% of the rents. In MIEL-rent note that the maximum discount in some cases can reach 50%. “We expect that rates will crawl down – in the I half of the year they could fall by 10-25% in most cities,” – says Pavel Lutsenko.

In some cases it can and does on a short introduction rental vacation, says Regina Dudalina. But even in this case the apartment will not get tenants for free, since the owner may not engage in the delivery of the apartment at a loss. “The rental rate shall not be lower than the operating costs of the owner, that is, in any case should cover the utility payments”, – says Regina Dudalina.

the Decrease in payments, especially if it is significant, the owners are considered as short-term and temporary measure. “Among the most popular solutions to the problem – the discount on one to two months – April plus may”, – says Oksana Polyakova. The initiator of negotiations on the fee reduction to be made by the tenant. Landlords rarely offer a discount on their own.

If you lose income does the landlord do not want to postpone the payment. For example, to offer installments or deferred. But don’t assign too largeperiod of repayment not longer than two months, the experts agree. Another method to pay for the apartment, if there is no money, is to read the Deposit in the payment account. Some boldly use this amount as payment for the last month stay. However, the part of the owner of such a move is very risky. Because the Deposit is an insurance of property. There is also the option: “Better go to the insurance of the apartment and only after that to read out the Deposit. So the owner insures himself against risks and goes to meet the tenant,” says Nikita Komarov, Director of product PEAK-to-rent.

as of the payment will be considered even testing. For example, the repair of the apartment. Especially in the conditions of isolation from tenants has more free time. “In this case, it is necessary to issue an Addendum to the contract of employment that outlines the terms of the lease and execution of works. Definitely need to make an estimate of, specify the terms and responsibilities of the parties in case of violation of agreements”, – says Oksana Polyakova.

the strongest decline in incomes of tenants felt by those who donate are not completely flat and the rooms. First, it’s the most disadvantaged – pensioners, single people, young families. Second, they are in the same space with their tenants, know their problems, are unable to deny the request to reduce the payment. At the same time in such a relationship, more room for improvement. The payment can take help on the farm, services as nurse, driver. Suitable and barter – goods which the tenant can offer in payment.

If the owner decides to part with the tenant, you must do it correctly. “To forcibly evict the tenants, the owner himself is not entitled,” says Regina Dudalina. Need to send the tenant a notice. After the expiry of the payment term, if the lessee does not relieve the premises voluntarily, apply to the district. They have no obligation to engage in such disputes, but, as practice shows, can assist you.