Traveling GUY starts off at a fast rate, customers from Tenerife to return home. That it has to APPROVE, having heard of the Belgians, who are on-the-spot, waiting for their flight to leave. The airport is asking everyone to be at least one metre of clearance. “Everyone wants to be as fast as possible on the flight and it is literally glued together”, you hear the sound of it. “Excellent.” Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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“I was yesterday the phone that I was already leaving, rather than on Friday afternoon,” said Philippe Moerman (61), which ended on Friday with a tour operator, TUI, for a week at the Riu Arecas hotel, Costa Adeje, and was well travelled. “We are now at the airport, and the lack of time it is.”

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A staff member of the SEC said that the company is outside of the regular schedule, four additional empty carriers to Tenerife, and it has been sent.


from the airport, and hang warning signs, to ‘social distancing’ in order to keep up with, but the photos show how that advice is being massively ignored. “Some people respect it, some don’t. Everyone wants to be, of course, as soon as possible on the flight to sit in,” says Moerman.

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