Jill Biden’s Doctor Confirms First Lady’s Cancer Tissues Completely Eliminated The First Lady of the USA is in a “good” mood.

US First Lady Jill Biden has had two skin cancers removed. The tissue affected by the cancer was completely removed during the outpatient procedure, said White House Medical Officer Kevin O’Connor on Wednesday. President Joe Biden’s wife feels “good” and will return to the White House on Wednesday (local time).

Jill Biden had taken a helicopter to Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington because of a small skin lesion near her right eye. According to the White House, she was accompanied by the President. According to O’Connor, the examination at the hospital confirmed the suspicion that it was skin cancer.

In addition, during the examination of the 71-year-old, another conspicuous skin change was found on the left half of the breast, which also turned out to be a cancerous growth. According to O’Connor, this position was also completely removed.

According to the information, tissue samples were also taken from Jill Biden from another conspicuous skin change on the left eyelid. The result of the examination of these samples was not yet available.

O’Connor pointed out that the basal cell carcinomas found in the first lady don’t usually spread to other parts of the body. This distinguishes them from more dangerous forms of skin cancer. The White House doctor said that the state of the first lady’s condition after the procedure was that she was suffering from swelling on her face as a result of the operation, but was “in good spirits”.

Jill Biden is the oldest First Lady in the history of the United States, her 80-year-old husband is the oldest US President in history. For Joe Biden, the cancer issue comes with very painful personal memories, as his son Beau died of a brain tumor in 2015. He has made reducing the death rate from cancer a priority of his presidency.