Argentine firefighters are faced with the unexplained phenomenon during a call in the province of Santa Fe. Reported by the Daily Star.

They came to extinguish the fire on the pastures of local farmers. The flames spread rapidly and could spread to the forest and built. Team under the leadership of Herman Cecchi few hours struggled with fire. When the fire managed to eliminate, in the middle of a scorched field, they found a pristine plot of land in the center of which was a monument to the dead girl.

the Cause of the fire experts could not be established, however, according to them, such phenomena are not uncommon for the local climate. Also remains unclear as the origin intact during the fire phase. Checchi, has worked as a firefighter for more than 25 years, admitted that I have never encountered such. “I’m not really a believer, but look at this: the field is completely burned, and around the Shrine all the whole” — he asked.

it turned Out that the memorial in the shape of a manger with the Christian cross on top of the established local resident Hugo in memory of 13-year-old daughter, crashed in 1997 in a car accident. According to him, the Shrine survived only because his daughter is not forgotten. “There was a huge flame, and that place the fire never touched. That’s impressive. I believe and know that God is taking care of my Shrine. This proves that God is here,” said the Argentine.

In July 2019, the Ghostbusters for some unknown reason, was locked in the former police station. A few stars of the reality show Most Haunted, along with the guests hunted for paranormal phenomena and are unable to leave the cell in the former police station. They claimed that especially moved the door in the position in which it is impossible to close. However, the door is still shut.