Strangely, The last will is a South African ex-politician, has been carried out. In the last month and, death Tshekede Buffon, Pitso (72), which did not want to be in a coffin to be buried, but she had expressed the desire in the world to be ordered in the brand.

Bufton Pitso which led once to the section of the social-democratic opposition party, United Democratic Movement (UDM) in the province of the Eastern Cape province. In addition to a politician, he was also a businessman. That is, it ever, with the wind, so he has a lot of mercedes benz cars was able to buy it. The German klassewagens, he had to be all of them, after a few financial set-backs had to be on them. He could, with his greatly diminished budget, a second hand Mercedes-E-500 from the the nineteen nineties, on the nab. The vehicle was no longer on the road, but that the celebrated Bufton Pitso is not. The chief slid behind the steering wheel to the radio to listen to. The man dropped him at the end of march in his driveway and died.

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The last wish of the elected official of the village of Sterkspruit in the Mercedes, and to be buried there. His family went on to become the funeral director Thabiso Mantutle. Finally, he gave in. “We have never before seen such a strange request gone through,” said to South African media reports. “We had a lot of paperwork to fill in and be of the right size to search for. To the side of the tomb, he also had to be large enough so that the trailer and the Mercedes, at the 2.5-meter-deep pit, and was able to get in”.

in The body before behind the wheel are placed and received to the use of seatbelts in order to. In south Africa, on 27 march, two days after the funeral a far-reaching lockdownmaatregelen to prevent further spread of the corona virus from entering the system. Many people ignored the ban on non-essential travel, and the fore still be present at the funeral. The pictures Bufton Pitso’s family is spread out from the afscheidsplechtigheid go viral.