in a Blind panic on a ferry boat in the direction of Maumere in Indonesia, where the passengers find out that there are carriers of the corona virus will be on board. The hotel was about to be put to the local authorities, were waiting to take control the virus to enter. But in the mass hysteria that ensued, and decided some of them to the high seas instead of lakes.

in an almost eerie pictures show how the passengers may decide to jump in after the news about the corona virus, on-board bekendraakte. The passengers were then taken to the coast. In the extreme, to rescue, some led to a remarkable number of viewers. After the debacle with the swimmers will be investigated by the authorities, or the ship will be effective in case as well. Various medical people were testing it on-board, and the ship finally was allowed to dock at the terminal. Several passengers were placed in quarantine.

to Protest.

The ferry, which transports approximately 255 passengers, mostly workers in the neighboring country of Malaysia to be employed, but it back to the house and had to return it because Malaysia is a lock out. Several of the residents of the town of Maumere gathered to protest against the arrival of the ship, for fear of the further spread of the virus.

in The South-east Asian archipelago, has in the meantime 2.956 cases of the corona virus. Most of the Covid-19-patients are to be found in the capital city of Jakarta, but other provinces now have to deal with the virus. There is concern that the virus, especially a lot of the damage it can cause to the less developed areas of the country, including the island of Flores, where there is little or no health to be found.

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