A video from India showing how some of the workers overspoten with a chemical solution, it causes a stir. Click the images to see how the people in a group, sitting on the ground by officers in protective suits will be ‘sanitized’. There has been an investigation into the incident. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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According to the BBC, it was going to be a group of workers and some of their relatives who had returned to the city of Bareilly, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, india.

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It is a part of a much larger group of the total of the millions of destitute workers, who are desperate to go back to their own villages, towns and cities return to at the national lock-in-India. They want to go back to the house, and after they have done their jobs to be lost and without money and food. Some of them managed to overheidsbussen to get others to walk for days at a time. It is to be feared that the returnees have the virus and many of them have a long drawn-out treks throughout the country and will continue to spread. And this has led to unbelievable scenes.

Chemical shower –

The startling footage of the “chemical shower” which of these people is a Sunday, received on arrival in Bareilly have been shared by a journalist from the Times of India, and more than a million views.

“Who are you trying to just kill the solar corona, or the people?”, he wrote in the video. In the background you can hear what the health care professionals with a megaphone with instructions to call. “Close your eyes, and a mouth”, you hear the sound of it. “To close the eyes of the people.”

It’s going to be the sodium hypochlorite, in a aggressive, however, the dilute – bleach. The authorities have now admitted that the substance “is appropriate for use on humans,” writes the Times of India. The local districtsmagistraat also let us know that the matter is being investigated, and that the people who are not able to respond to the bleaching agent it will be.

It’s a team of officials from the Bareilly and was asked for the buses to be disinfected, however, in their enthusiasm, they are also the team may be attacked.

Lav Agarwal, secretary of state of the ministry of Health,

“It’s a team of officials from the Bareilly and was asked for the buses to be disinfected, however, in their enthusiasm, they are also the workers may be attacked” said Lav Agarwal, secretary of state at the ministry of Health. In addition, they would “fear” that he acted in, there is not a single protocol is spelled out on the decontamination of people.

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