A tragic balcony collapse in Munich costs a pensioner her life. The police are now looking for the construction company responsible for the construction.

After a fatal fall from a balcony in Munich, in which an 80-year-old pensioner died, the authorities have now continued their investigations. According to reports from Bayerischer Rundfunk, the police are now concentrating on finding out which construction company is responsible for the balcony that was subsequently installed on the front of the house and through which the woman fell. According to a police spokesman, the main aim is to clarify where similar structures have been installed in Munich.

Later investigations revealed that the balcony floor was made of chipboard that had rotted over the years, the BR continued. The company had installed the balconies on the house around ten years ago. Since the suspicion of negligent homicide and structural endangerment has been confirmed, it is crucial to identify other buildings with such constructions, according to police spokesman Christian Drexler.

“As part of the security measures, we must quickly find out whether there are such unlawful structures on other buildings. In some cases, a number of balconies may then have to be closed off,” Bayerischer Rundfunk quoted the police spokesman as saying.

On Saturday evening, the pensioner fell from her second-floor balcony onto the balcony below, breaking through it as well. She finally landed on the asphalted courtyard floor.

A neighbor heard the noise and called the emergency services, but the woman succumbed to her serious injuries at the scene of the accident. In total, the woman fell about eight meters.

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