in A drug suspects in the Luxury of jail with ankle bracelet was able to be released, it remains, ultimately, into the cell, as the collars are, at least in the French-speaking community. Yet, when justice has just decided in the time of the solar corona as much as possible, the suspects, and their pretrial at home with the ankle bracelet to sit out.

as a Lawyer, Tim de Smet, who in the thirties, assists, misses the point. “Everyone was in agreement that my clients are pretrial with the ankle was allowed to live, even to the investigating judge in Brussels, which will be the case. However, since there seems to be no collars available, my client is now in jail. He’s been down for three months and it feels very unsafe, with the feline corona virus that’s on the loose”. The companions of the thirties were, however, already been released. “No, because my client, the leader would be. However, as he was later on arrested, and, therefore, as the last one on the list was to get the benefit from a bracelet to get in. He will only, therefore, in the cell. He was left behind on the Titanic because the lifeboats are on it. That’s how it feels for him.

Before the committee of Procurators-general, however, it decided that, as much as possible, the suspects, and their pretrial in the home were allowed to live, with ankle strap, to make the latent coronacrisis in the prison in the organisation. However, that decision now seems to be, at least in the southern part of the country, a dead letter, and to continue to be. In Flanders, there are bangles available at all times. “We would like to show solidarity with the French, but we have found that the collars be an exception and not the rule, may be sound in the cabinet of the Flemish minister Zuhal Demir in the flemish region is competent for the collars. Demir, regrets, moreover, that attorney general john Man, in the times of the solar corona sanctions under the five-year preliminary want to cancel. “Also, the shorter sentences should simply be carried out”, says Demir.