For ypres, The Belgian, Jan Yperman Hospital, will be the most surgical masks to australia. No less a person than Edouard Vermeulen (63) from the fashion house Natan, makes the 5,000 surgical masks, and delivering them on Monday to a hospital in his home town. “This is my small contribution to this crisis. I am very grateful to all the health care providers.” The parents Followed, meanwhile, are 90 and 92 years old, still living at Ypres, and very brave in the coronacrisis.

Ieperling of Edouard Vermeulen, the designer of the fashion house Natan, and is currently in surgical masks, to create, among other things, the Jan Yperman Hospital in his own studio in Brussels, belgium. “I got a question, my lord mayor, Philippe Close, I did not see a future for surgical masks to the stitching, to the police,” said Edouard Vermeulen. “I thought that was a good idea, and after a little while, to have agreed with all of the people in the studio, we had just started. The masks are intended for use with the Brussels police, but I wanted to do that also for other places in Flanders, and particularly in my home town of Ypres.”

do Not publiciteitstunt

The master called the ” Jan Yperman Hospital, the question of whether they have surgical masks could be used. “Those are more than welcome to do so. I can, of course, have no medical specimens, but their lives are in my mouth masks, which are, of course, in accordance with the rules of the art, may be made more than welcome to do so. That said, the director of the hospital to me.” An interesting detail: the black surgical masks, the logo of Nathan. “Understand me, please do not be mistaken, this isn’t a publicity stunt or anything like that. I’ve had a couple of surgical masks at the chemist’s here in Brussels, and that was a lot of positive feedback about the logo that was on it. Also, the director of the hospital, and found that it is a nice-to-have. If I were those people, a pleasure to do so, I’ll be happy.”