While this is the first case, but the case for buckwheat will definitely be more. How could it be a shortage of buckwheat in the country where it is grown and produces more than able to eat? For export, it is not particularly for sale, with the exception of some CIS countries. And suddenly, we see shortages and price increases. And every time an economic crisis happens, for some reason you have problems with buckwheat.

I’m sure “buckwheat” cartel is, and so we check and will check, will bring the case to its logical end – large multi-million dollar fines and possible criminal cases, – said Tenishev. – Another issue is that the large amount of work: checks are coming in dozens of regions and we check dozens of companies. All this can take a lot of time.

the Official FAS also said that prices of garlic, ginger, and lemons returned to pre-crisis level. Factors why prices rose, many ranging from excessive demand, the supply constraints from abroad, to the fact that someone tried to negotiate. But now shortage of goods and no complaints about the inflated prices have no. Moreover, in the period of excessive demand, the Russians stocked up on products, on average through July, and many now live on the “old” stocks, markets still.

as for the “provocateurs from business” on TV and in Newspapers saying that all is lost, let’s urgently raise prices, and thereby created the preconditions for price growth – all of them issued official warnings. Now we double attention to these markets. If the following appeals to higher prices some of these prices will really rise to objective economic reasons – will punish. Punishment will be met with severe: a multimillion-dollar fines for companies and criminal liability for those responsible for the collusion of managers, – says the representative of the FAS.