Dirk Bach († 51) was one of the most successful and popular comedy stars on German television for decades. The comedian, who began his career in the theater, has appeared in TV shows such as “Schillerstrasse”, “Genial daneben” and of course his own “Dirk Bach Show”. As a moderator, he shone in the jungle camp next to Sonja Zietlow (54). After his unexpected death on October 1, 2012, Dirk Bach was replaced by Daniel Hartwich (44) on “I’m a star – get me out of here”.

The loss of the funny, happy and cheeky Dirk Bach, whom friends affectionately called “Dicki”, shook the comedy industry. Shortly before the 10th anniversary of his death, his close friend Hella von Sinnen (63) is now publishing a book in collaboration with Cornelia Scheel and Pelle Pershing. In “Dear Dicki”, numerous colleagues remember the comedian and share personal memories.

It includes Anke Engelke (56), Hugo Egon Balder (72), Tom Gerhardt (64) and Margie Kinsky (64). The comedian and her husband, “Lindenstrasse” star Bill Mockridge (75), were good friends of Dirk Bach – he was the godfather of her son Luke Mockridge (33). He shared the sponsorship with Hella von Sinnen, who found heartrending words about her deceased companion in her book.

The book begins with a letter from Hella von Sinnen. “Helli” and “Dicki” were inseparable – the readers feel that with every word. “I think of you every day anyway,” she writes. “But I don’t NEED to think about you because we have a DEADline for this book. I can light a candle, listen to Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, toast you and think of you when I WANT to think of you. And not because I’m your designated widow and I’m expected to be the main thread running through the book. Although of course I’m grateful that I was given the job.”

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In her letter, Hella von Sinnen speaks openly about coping with her grief and the challenges that publishing the book brought with it. “Helli prefers to repress. Displacement is Helli’s core competency,” she says. “And it wasn’t just writing to you. It was the letters! The HUNDRED LETTERS and greetings to you that I read.

These wonderful, tender, clever, funny letters to you. By people who rave about your kindness and generosity. About your collegiality and your talent of the century. Who remember your smell, going to musicals and vacations together, your beautiful eyes and your laugh.”

“After reading a few letters and the associated memories, I refused to communicate in bed for days,” admits the 63-year-old. “Cover over your head. Daddling Hay Day. After October 1st, 2012, I was at least in shock! The bewilderment! The alcohol! Now, ten years later, my life and love was passing me by and I needed to stay sober and be creative. Well done. Now I couldn’t just wallow in high pathetic self-pity – now I felt sorry for everyone else too!!! Because they miss you so badly.”

In a press release, Hella von Sinnen talks about the creation of the book and reveals what fans can expect. “The readers have the opportunity to leaf through the book and look at pictures: photos of Dicki as a child, a young man and a grown man, photos of Dirk at work and privately, costume designs, theater posters – but also dedicated works of art by Udo Lindenberg, Claudya Schmidt or Ralf Koenig. Readers also have the opportunity to search the book for letters from their favorite stars – or to read it from cover to cover to get a biographical overview of a colourful, full life.”

“Letters have almost died out in the age of the internet and short messages. That’s why I find letters ‘cult’. When you sit down and write a personal letter to someone, you are very close to yourself. In your feelings and memories, you are also very close to the person to whom the letter is addressed. It’s an exchange that makes writer’s blocks easier to overcome. In the process of creating this book, it was also a gift for many to be able to be so close to Dicki again.” Hella von Sinnen is enthusiastic about the result. “Enthusiasm over all love. Enthusiasm for all the friendship. Excited that Dirk made the difference. As friend and artist.”

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